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Corporate Trust Services

As a federal trust company licensed to operate in all Canadian provinces and territories, our dedicated team of seasoned specialists are committed to providing proven and unwavering expertise, efficiency and professionalism. Offering a full suite of Corporate Trust services, our clients continue to choose us because of our personalized and responsive approach to their needs.

      • We act as issuer or indenture trustee for all types of debt instruments. As debt trustee, we act as transfer agent and registrar, distribute interest and principal payments, prepare tax reporting and monitor issuer covenants and administer default situations during the life of the arrangement.

      • Our team of experienced specialists understands what you require in a trust service provider, and delivers solutions that maximize the value of your P3 and project financing transactions. We provide a full range of indenture trustee, collateral and security agent, insurance or account trustee, custodian and paying agent services.

      • We act as trustee under voting and exchange trust agreements, administering the rights of beneficial holders in accordance with agreement terms. We provide safekeeping facilities for your voting certificates, communicate with your beneficial holders and we exercise voting rights as required.

      • We offer third-party escrow services and solutions to both public and private companies. From traditional to complex arrangements, we will provide independent oversight and control over the escrowed assets.

      • Serving public and private companies, our specialized team focuses on the details, providing prompt, accurate and personalized service. Our in-depth knowledge as depositary agent for an offer or company in a takeover situation, including under a plan of arrangement, includes cash, securities, or a combination of both.

      • Our team of experienced professionals understands your needs and what you require in a trust service provider. Whether it's special warrants or subscription receipts, we will guide you and your investors accordingly. Once the agreement conditions are satisfied, your securityholders will be issued the underlying securities, often by way of a push-out which will not require your securityholders to surrender the certificates representing the special warrants or subscription receipts. Depending on how the transaction is structured, all, a portion of, or none of the proceeds from the sale may be deposited with us in escrow. Depending on the transaction conditions, we then either return the proceeds to you or the subscribers.

      • We act for companies that offer public or private placement warrant issues. As warrant agent, we maintain the register of holders and facilitate exercises over the life of the warrants. Once exercised, we tabulate and report the results, remit funds to you and issue and deliver the underlying shares to your shareholders.


Corporate Trust Resources

Our experienced team of industry specialists ensures that your private and corporate transactions are completed successfully by delivering critical and timely corporate trust services when it matters most.

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