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Issuer & Investor Services

We are your strategic partner for positive investor engagement, transfer agent excellence and control of essential ownership records.


Transfer Agent Services

We provide Transfer Agent Services to assist companies with IPOs, M&As, share registry management, compliance risk reduction, shareholder engagement, and investment plan programs.

Equity Plan Solutions

We provide Equity Plan Solutions to assist companies with employee stock option and purchase plans, administrative and financial reporting, equity based compensation, and executive services.

Asset Recovery Services

We provide Asset Recovery Services to assist companies with abandoned property management, post-merger integration strategies, ownership location, and lost shareholder searches.

Corporate Actions Services

We provide Corporate Actions Services to assist companies with mergers, reorganizations, exchanges, and other transactions. Our experienced team of industry specialists ensures that your private and corporate transactions are completed successfully by delivering critical and timely corporate trust services when it matters most.

Virtual Meetings

Engage your shareholders from anywhere. TSX Trust Virtual Meetings makes remote access to meetings seamless and interactive in a secure and user-friendly environment.


We provide a direct information line for investors or their representatives; respond to written inquiries; replace lost certificates; assist with legal transfers of securities, and receive and update investor addresses and online access to the informational portal.

  • Shareholder assistance and communication
  • Correspondence coordination
  • Access with navigation for Investor Insite (securityholder online information portal)
  • Guidance with the transfer process
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements and reporting, placement of stops
  • Replacement of lost securities and dividend cheques
  • Estate related transfers
  • Signature Guarantee Bond Program
  • Research

Medallion Guarantees

Medallion Guarantees 1

TSX Trust has become a member of the Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program (STAMP) and can use its own medallion stamp to guarantee signatures. This service is a great option for investors who have difficulties obtaining medallion guarantees from their bank or broker. The service is only offered to investors of TSX Trust clients, and for securities with a market value of $500,000 or less. Contact Investor Services for an application form.

Signature Guarantee Bond (SGB)

Signature Guarantee Bond (SGB)

Developed in conjunction with TSX Trust’s insurance partners, Signature Guarantee Bond is available to securityholders of TSX Trust’s clients who are publicly traded. The program is available for securities with a market value of $250,000 or less, and can be used towards a variety of transfer situations including estate transfers, re-registrations and replacements. SGB is great for investors residing outside North America. Contact Investor Services for an application form.

ID Guarantee

ID Guarantee

The ID Guarantee program replaces the bank signature or Medallion guarantee requirement for certain types of transfers, valued under $15,000. Shareholders and their representatives can use this service to simplify the transfer process (if applicable) by completing an application and providing supporting documents and valid ID to verify signatures.

Investor Resources

We hope the following Investor Resources page will be of assistance in your planning. Access investor materials and information, including:

  • FAQs
  • Search tools
  • Helpful explanations of investing concepts

Investor Forms

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