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Consent to Electronic Delivery

By completing and submitting this form, I/we consent to receive or access future investor communications (including meeting material) electronically over the Internet and understand and acknowledge the following:

  1. To receive investor communications electronically, I/we need a computer with Internet access, hardware and software to view, print and electronically store PDFs to the extent necessary;
  2. I am/we are responsible for all costs associated with electronic access, such as Internet usage fees and telephone charges;
  3. TSX Trust will only deliver investor communications electronically where permitted by the client in question;
  4. TSX Trust will no longer distribute printed investor communications (including meeting materials) until I/we revoke this consent which I/we may do at any time by notifying TSX Trust by email or mail;
  5. I/we will receive an e-mail notifying me/us each time an investor communication is available;
  6. I/we will make certain that the e-mail address I/we have provided for such notices remains current and that I/we can change the e-mail address, by submitting a new Consent.
  7. Shareholder communications will be provided in PDF format*.
  8. TSX Trust reserves the right to terminate electronic delivery at any time.