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Anonymous Activity Summaries

Discover the broker firms behind anonymous trades

Listed companies that regularly review broker summaries often find the top buyer or seller to be reported as broker #001. The anonymous trade option that prints trades under broker house #001 provides unclear results to issuers about which firms are the most active in buying and selling their listed security. To provide some transparency, the Anonymous Activity Summaries are available to listed companies through TSX InfoSuite.

Depending on the security, the anonymous option prevents companies from discovering the true top buyers and sellers on their security, rendering traditional net house or broker summaries useless.

The Anonymous Activity Summaries identify the buyers and sellers of your stock as a monthly summary. Listed companies can subscribe to the Anonymous Activity and have the module added to their TSX InfoSuite account to access two summaries:

Anonymous Broker Summary provides an attributed summary of only the anonymous trades conducted by each broker firm in the previous month.

Enhanced Broker Summary provides an attributed summary of all trades in the previous month, to provide an accurate depiction of brokers' overall trading activity.

Contact your designated Relationship Manager for more information.