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Virtual Meeting Services

Host your Annual General Meetings or other meetings in a virtual setting. Below are the some of the benefits of utilizing our virtual meeting services.

Virtual Meetings provide the following benefits:

  • A client's in-person meeting requirement is reduced to having the meeting Chair, select board members, and the corporate secretary for a webcast.
  • Removes attendance barriers for a client's' shareholders residing in broadly different geographic jurisdictions.
  • Can increase meeting attendance and engagement by shareholders.
  • Can accrue cost savings for clients by eliminating many other costs associated with convening a meeting, including venue costs, catering, etc.
  • Permits live polling at meeting and Q&A on voting (via mobile or in-room devices).

Hybrid Meetings provide the following benefits:

  • Permits the simultaneous use of in-person meetings and remote shareholder participation via webcast, using mobile and electronic devices.
  • Provides increased accessibility by opening up meetings to a larger and more remote shareholder base.
  • Enables increased participation by institutional investors who may have large holdings but are unable or unwilling to attend in-person meetings.
  • Promotes the quality of communication and discussion in Q&A sessions by allowing a broader demographic of attendees.

In-Person Meeting Enhancement:

  • Availability of electronic polling by shareholders.
  • Shareholders can bring their own device to the meeting, which is a more efficient option than paper-based polling.

Value Proposition to our Issuer clients:

  • Customization/white-labeling and theming of the respective app and webpage.
  • Visibility on who is attending meetings.
  • Improved shareholder perception through efficient use of modern technology.
  • Real-time management reporting.
  • Customized instant result screen.
  • Detailed audit reporting.
  • Greater transparency and auditability.
  • Global best practice.