Client Resources

Issuer InSite Lite

As a complimentary service. TSX Trust Company provides clients with convenient and secure 24-hour access to close of business data, including issued and outstanding shares, shareholder detail, proxy summary reports, omnibus breakdowns, proxy voting lists and proxy tabulation results.

Issuer InSite

This robust reporting service is available for a monthly subscription that, in addition to all Issuer InSite Lite features, also includes unlimited usage and access to the Capital Control Report, CDS Holders of Record and Shareholder lists.

Meeting Pal

Planning a securityholder meeting is a complicated process. We're working to simplify it. We will announce when Meeting Pal is available to help manage your event dates, investor meetings, and proxy mailings quick and easy.

CNW Press Releases

New clients will receive two complimentary distributions of press releases by CNW, courtesy of TSX Trust Company.


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