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Time is money. Take control of your funding.

Raising capital, simplified. Manage critical workflows and experience private placement automation with TMX dealLINX.

Backed by TSX Trust Company, part of the TMX Group, TMX dealLINX is an automated private placement platform. It provides powerful tools and an enhanced user experience to control expenses and manage key processes, from distribution and collaboration, to compliance, to deal completion.

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Tools to help engage investors and secure funding

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TMX dealLINX offers powerful tools for your deal stakeholders, meeting the needs of both your internal team members and professional service providers for efficient capital raising administration.

  • Automated Workflows and Know Your Client (KYC)

  • Manage Subscriptions

  • Standardize Compliance

  • Enhanced Security

  • Real-time Activity Dashboards


Streamline your deal closing with payments administration

TMX dealLINX is backed by TSX Trust Company, an OSFI regulated trust company, ensuring the highest standard of confidence and transparency of cash management settlement:

  • Reduce money flow friction
  • Gain real-time visibility into deal progress
  • Accept funds from any type of qualified investor (retail or institutional)
  • Streamline payment reconciliation


Introduce powerful tools for your deal stakeholders

TMX dealLINX offers an automated platform to facilitate completion of your transactions:

  • Simplify deal presentation, distribution and collaboration
  • Easily involve your legal team to manage the deal process
  • Centralize deals, KYC forms, documents and purchaser lists
  • Reduce admin overhead and errors with document tagging and e-signatures
  • Securely transfer funds to complete investments

How it works

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  • Step 2 - Pay your deal fee and complete our terms of service


  • Step 3 - Complete AML/KYC and create a deal for funding


  • Step 4 - Engage investors and raise capital


Are you Ready to Take Control
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