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At TSX Trust, our ability to anticipate and meet your needs defines our business success.

As the largest Canadian-owned Transfer Agent and provider of Corporate Trust Services, our experienced team of professionals work with your schedule and our expertise to solve just about any problem or challenge you might face.

As part of TMX Group, we have a unique relationship with the largest capital formation ecosystem in the country. And just as TMX is focused on the success and growth of the companies listed on its exchanges, our services are tailored to make your transactions a success.

Why Work with Us

We've built our business on three key pillars, each of which enables you to achieve your goals across a full suite of corporate trust and transfer agency needs.

Nos convictions

Il est important que les partenaires que vous choisissez adhèrent aux valeurs qui faciliteront la bonne marche de vos activités commerciales.


Nos plus grands atouts sont le talent et l'expérience de nos gens.